Writing Retreats, South West Spain

Would you like to write a book?

Do you wonder:

  • what to write about
  • where to start
  • if anyone will want to read what you’ve written
  • how to publish?

Then join us on a retreat in Spain!  Spend five days with like-minded people, an experienced book mentor and a clarity coach who will help you focus on your book and get ready to publish.

Our retreats take place in a stunning environment where YOU

  • have the time to think and explore new ideas
  • draw inspiration from the peace, energy and beauty of the area
  • create and get productive
  • experience a new adventure
  • share ideas and learn from others

Make your book a priority by joining us on a writing retreat


If you are a Writing Coach and you’d like to run your own retreat, we offer:

  • Retreat Coaching to help you work out an action plan to get your retreat up and running
  • Retreat Organisation and Facilitation – If you love the idea of running a retreat but hate the idea of organising it, we’ll do it for you, so you can get on with what you do best

With coaching, support and advice you can plan your retreat so it runs smoothly and easily with the knowledge that help is always on hand.

Accommodation in stunning locations

Accommodation in stunning locations


Draw inspiration from the surroundings

Write wherever the fancy takes you

Write wherever the fancy takes you