Would you love to run a retreat, but don’t know where to start?

Have you considered running a retreat in a beautiful location? Perhaps you love the idea of taking your business and your clients somewhere special, but  you don’t know how to go about it?

Not knowing where to start can often put us off doing something that deep down we know will be worthwhile.

And then, of course, there is the fear of going somewhere unknown and the inescapable doubts ‘Will they like it?’ ‘What if it all goes wrong?’ ‘What if I don’t get any clients?’

mentoring in the sunshine 2 - copia  Hello, I’m Rebecca Adams.

I work with coaches, therapists and writers to support them to gain the confidence to run retreats.

Through my coaching and mentoring sessions, I support you to build up a vision of your retreat and your ideal retreat client,  find a location that suits your needs and give you hints, tips and advice on running your retreat. I help you to gain confidence in your role as a retreat leader and can help you plan and organise your content so that your participants get the most out of the time they spend with you.

Running a retreat can be rewarding and extremely enjoyable. It gets you out of the office or your therapy centre and doing something different. It provides an opportunity to offer a learning experience to your clients whilst they also get space and time to reflect or relax. It provides a space for them where they can get away from it all and really benefit from what you have to teach them.

Giving your clients an exciting experience they will never forget  is easier when YOU feel confident and supported.

Through coaching you can create the perfect space for your clients to participate in an inspiring adventure.


A retreat is an idyllic environment where YOU and your CLIENTS

  • have the time to think and explore new ideas
  • draw inspiration from the peace and beauty of the area
  • learn, create and get productive
  • experience a new adventure


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Whilst living in a beautiful corner of South West Spain, I realised the importance of productive time out in an inspiring location and felt compelled to share this wonderful location with others by offering retreats to other personal development professionals who would like to take their clients to Spain.

So, I set up European Coaching Retreats to help coaches, therapists, writers and consultants to create something special, somewhere special with their clients whether that’s in the U.K., Spain or elsewhere.

Running a retreat might not make you rich overnight, but it will help you grow your business by building a special relationship with your clients. Change that might take months in our normal surroundings happens quickly outside of our comfort zones which is why retreats are so special for your clients.

What can I do for you?

  • I provide coaching to help you gain the confidence to run your retreat. I give you tips and advice based on experience.
  • I work with you to build up a vision of your retreat and your ideal client so that you gain the clarity you need.
  • I support you through coaching and mentoring to organise your retreat. From sourcing a location to support with pricing and budgeting and designing your agenda, I take you through my five-step-process to make sure you are ready to go.
  • I can help you plan the content for your retreat if you haven’t run workshops before. Having worked in education for years, I have plenty of experience of designing and delivering content with a learner centred focus.
  • I can facilitate on location, so that you don’t get stressed out trying to do everything yourself. This means you are free to make sure your participants are enjoying themselves and having a great time while I sort out the logistics: a welcome pack, dinner arrangements, taxis, transfers and organising walks amongst other things.

I’ll take you step by step through the process of organising a retreat and giving you the support you need to carry it out successfully. As a trained coach I’ll listen carefully to what you are looking for and give you ideas based on experience, to make it work brilliantly.

I’ll take you step by step through the process of organising a retreat and giving you the support you need to carry it out successfully. As a trained coach I’ll listen carefully to what you are looking for and give you ideas based on experience, to make it work brilliantly.

If you choose to run your retreat in Spain, I can provide you with accurate information whether you want to offer a VIP experience with no expense spared or an intimate cosy venue. I lived in Spain for 18 years, so I know the area well. I know and trust the service providers I work with and will source the best service for you. I can introduce to places and people you may not discover alone.

I speak fluent Spanish which means communication with local service providers is smooth and carefree and takes the hassle out of all those complicated bits that you don’t have the time or inclination to worry about.  I can translate, trouble-shoot, deal with enquiries and offer advice about the area, the food or whatever else you’d like to know!

I have an eye for quality and detail and will source the ideal location for you in Spain. I take pride in ensuring that you and your clients are well looked after and that you have everything you need during your retreat. I’ll make sure that everything’s taken care of. So, all you have to do is turn up, get on with what you do best and enjoy the experience. I’ll even get you to focus on what you need to be doing to get your clients to sign up for that extra quality time and space with you.

Work with me,  Rebecca Adams, to learn how to create  a bespoke retreat and run it with confidence.

This is for you if you are a coach, mentor, therapist or trainer who.

  • has been running a business for a few years and would like to offer something special and unique to your clients that adds amazing value
  • wants to gain confidence running your retreat 
  • is looking for something inspirational to shift your business forward

As a trained coach, I  listen to exactly what you want and work in partnership with you to create the tailor-made retreat you are looking for.

You get support every step of the way from developing the idea and sourcing your venue to accompanying you on the retreat if you’d like an on the ground host. This allows you to feel confident and excel in what you do well when you get there.

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