Do you love the idea of a retreat?

How would you benefit from time and space for you in idyllic surroundings?


The area is not that well known and is generally peaceful, so why are we letting you in on our secret?

Simply because we love it here and we hope you will too. We think peace, harmony and nature are the ideal ingredients for a retreat  to remember. Feel the silence of the mountains, enjoy the pure air, take a guided walk or an evening stroll, visit the ‘white’ villages, observe the wildlife or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings and evening sun with a glass of a wine.

There’s a sense of space and tranquillity about the area we have chosen.  There are glorious views surrounded by mountains, natural park area and fabulous blue sky. Our retreats are located in the heart of the Andalucia surrounded by three natural parks – Grazalema, Sierra de Las Nieves and Alcornocales. We are committed to providing you with a unique experience in a relaxed and natural setting. Whether it is training or a retreat that you are looking for, you can guarantee that everything will be taken care of.  All you have to do is arrive and we’ll look after everything else.

One thing that retreats generally have in common is a transformation or learning experience of some kind. Whether you’ve signed up to learn something specific or whether it’s a personal learning curve, something special generally happens when you take time out from your normal surroundings. Something that inspires your creative process, while away from your comfort zone and the normal distractions of daily life, and allows you to see things from a different perspective. This results in learning and moving forward in your life or on a project you are working on. What may take you months to achieve at home, can happen quickly on a retreat.

If you want to go on a retreat, spend some time comparing the offers available as all retreats vary in what they offer. It could be the best investment you’ve ever spent on yourself.

If you are a coach, therapist or consultant, a retreat can be an excellent way to add extra value to your clients. It provides a space for them where they can get away from it all and really benefit from what you have to teach them.

Hello, I’m Rebecca Adams.mentoring in the sunshine 2 - copia

Whilst living in a beautiful corner of South West Spain, I realised the significance of productive time-out in an inspiring location. Having taken a sabbatical I already knew the importance of having time to think and discover new things. Living in this part of Andalucia, I felt I was in an inspiring environment. I felt compelled to share this with you, combining a wonderful location with the discovery of something new, through retreats.

I believe travel forms an important part of our learning process and this is one of the reasons I love to organise retreats.

My retreats involve a lot of fun and interesting conversations, good food and exercise. There are also some emotional moments when people realise the difference the retreat is making to their life.

I love to inspire the people I work with to have the courage to lead their own adventures.

A retreat is an idyllic environment where YOU

  • have the time to think and explore new ideas
  • draw inspiration from the peace and beauty of the area
  • learn, create and get productive
  • experience a new adventure

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This is for you if you

  • like travelling and appreciate beautiful surroundings
  • enjoy stretching yourself and personal development 
  • love being with like-minded people


Further Information

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